Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today I went to Kavin's SIM class for his assessment.
End result - Disappointed and Sad
Key feedback points

1. Not listening to instructions
2. Not eating food so not happy in full day school set up.
3. Participates in circle time but not completely.
4. Adamant.

Notable point - Mentioned that he will get SPECIAL kids slot in Kindergarden. So not to worry. :'(

People around me think my son is special because of his adamant nature. But I am a strong mom. I am okay to sacrifice my job for him but I am not going to allow anyone call my son Special.

Ofcourse he is special - He is very sharp and brilliant.
I know how to mold him and I know how to make him stand out of the crowd in a positive way. I will work hard and I wont sleep until I make him a smart ass.

Everyone around me thinks they are helping me as I am suffering with special child. They think they all have very brilliant child. I keep talking about how nice their child talks and how super smart the child is.

Today I take a oath that everyone in this world who thinks my son is not so bright and has become my burden will learn one day that she is my ray of shine. :)

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